The Shop-in-a-box scheme allows for the selling of memorabilia and fire service-related toys at an event for charity fundraising with no financial outlay needed by the station personnel. We mark the products with the resale prices to guarantee approximately 27% overall profit on the day for charity and deliver the SIAB a few days before the event. During the following week the unsold stock and paperwork is returned to us from which we will create an invoice. Please note that you will be responsible for the SIAB whilst it is in your care. You pay the invoice from the takings with the remaining being your donation to charity. An example, we provide a toy yellow fire helmet at a nominal price of £1.90, you sell it for £3.00, making and keeping the profit of £1.10 (37% profit). We also take care of the costs of delivering the SIAB, the return of the unsold stock and the VAT involved. We now able to supply credit/debit card readers with the SIAB so that you can accept all types payment.

The benefits of the scheme are, the profits from the individual SIAB are actually donated to a charity of their own choice of the station/individual that has used and worked the scheme, and the guarantee that a profit will be made even if you only sell one item you will still make a profit. We do ask that in order to ensure that scheme is working efficiently and to verify and justify our work that you complete an online form and send a copy to us via email. Also, we do need to be informed as to the donation made and to which charity.